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Checking the Mastercrafts book proofs

Posted in Book development, Mastercrafts by britishcrafts on January 22, 2010

Verity Muir, Editor of the Mastercrafts book, had an interesting day on Monday:

“After weeks of hard slog, the day had finally arrived.  Mastercrafts was going to press. However we weren’t quite popping the champagne corks just yet as we had one last irksome task left to do, which was to check and approve the plotters.

The plotters show the pages precisely as they will appear in the book, and it is the final opportunity in the editorial process to ensure that there are no errors in the material. So, with my heart in my mouth, we began to inspect every page. I could barely look. 

With over an hour of silence and bated breath we turned the very last page with great relief. At last it was over and we could feel proud of what we had achieved in such a short space of time. Mastercrafts was finally complete!”

Then it was on to the printers……


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