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Mastercrafts book nearly ready

Posted in Mastercrafts, Mentors, Thatching by britishcrafts on January 12, 2010

The book tie in to the Mastercrafts BBC2 TV show is reaching the end of the production process; the final pages are being checked and it will be sent off to the printer within days.  One last check on press and finished copies should be available in early February.  Here’s a preview of the cover, featuring Matt Williams of the wonderful Rumpelstiltskin Thatching in Oxfordshire.  Matt and David Bragg are committed to preserving regional styles of thatching,  and as such the majority of their work consists of straw thatching in Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties.  More about Matt and David’s work later.


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  1. Olde CuriosityBlog said, on April 2, 2015 at 12:56 pm

    North Yorkshire thatcher Jonathan Botterill made a superb job of thatching at Ryedale Folk Museum using rushes for thatch. He says a good thatch can last over 50 years, have a look at this link:

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