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New book tie-in with major prime-time BBC2 TV series, Mastercrafts.

Posted in Book development, Mastercrafts by britishcrafts on December 10, 2009

David & Charles has acquired publishing rights to accompany a new prime-time BBC2 TV series Mastercrafts, created by production company Ricochet, to be screened in 2010.

Presented by Monty Don, the 6-part series will follow teams of enthusiasts as they learn traditional crafts from experts in their trades, including thatching, weaving and stonemasonry. Mixing a competitive element with fascinating insights into the crafts and their history, the programme comes with a deeper message – that these crafts are an important part of our heritage, which will die if the skills are not passed on.

Stephen Bateman, Publisher and Managing Director of David & Charles said, “We are delighted to be associated with a television series that has so much synergy with our values and expertise in crafts and nostalgia. The sustainability movement is making a strong comeback, and traditional crafts underpin this more reasoned, less throw-away approach to life and the value people increasingly place on craftsmanship and individuality.   D&C intends to publish a programme of books that will extend and deepen the appreciation and understanding of the subject as well as broaden the interest in crafts.”

The first Mastercrafts book will be published at £20 in Spring 2010, to tie in with the series.


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